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Welcome to the JEE Master's Club – Your Key to JEE Success!

Looking to shine in the JEE? The JEE Master's Club is where it's at! Only 12 spots are up for grabs, so don't miss out on this chance to supercharge your JEE readiness using the latest tech.

Join JEE Master's Club

Why Choose the JEE Master's Club?

Exclusive Advantage

Join a tight-knit crew of just 12 students, giving you an edge like no other.

Smart Tests

Get special tests made extra-effective with ChatGPT. They'll push you and your JEE skills further than ever.

Team Power

Connect, share, and study with your buddies to boost each other – a recipe for JEE triumph!

How to Get In

To snag your spot in the JEE Master's Club, here's your plan:

  1. Score Big: Ace the 80% in every JEE subject's section.

  2. Bring Friends: Rope in at least ten JEE-bound pals, too.

  3. Stay Active: Dive into the tests and keep that learning engine running.

  4. Teamwork Matters: Show you're all about teamwork, helping others, and learning together.

Ready to Join? Here's How

  1. Sign Up: Start by registering for your shot at becoming a JEE Master.

  2. Test Time: Make an account on Test Hive – the place where your testing magic happens.

  3. Spread the Word: Tell your buddies to hop on board the Test Hive train.

  4. Test Yourself: Take on the ChatGPT-powered tests that'll prep you for the JEE's twists and turns.

  5. Share the Love: Get your friends on the test train too, and push each other closer to JEE victory.

Membership Details:
Joining Fee: ₹10 only
Top Club Member Prize: ₹2000 cash
(Note: The top-scorin
g club member will win a cash prize of ₹2000.)

We're using ChatGPT to improve your tests and boost your shot at JEE glory!

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