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Test Hive - Places Built by Geniuses.

Earn coins by creating or taking online exams on any topic. Once you've collected enough coins, use them to buy virtual items to build your place.


Here's How It Works

Earn Coins

Accumulate coins by either taking or creating tests. You receive coins for each correct answer when you take a test, and you earn one coin each time someone takes a test you've created.


Purchase Raw Materials and Land

Use your earned virtual coins to acquire essential raw materials like bricks, steel, sand, and land.


Start Building Your Place

Once you have land and raw materials, construct your dream place using the additional virtual coins you earn.


Run Your Place

Congratulations, you're now the proud owner of your own place, and you can continue expanding it further.

Explore Unique Test Topics

Join the Hive


Join the Hive and Bee Part of Something Extraordinary!

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